COVID -19: Compliant

The Academy has gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of our students during these trying times. This has been achieved by putting multiple systems in place.

The Academy has 40, one hundred litre tanks, which serve as hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizing stations around the school to ensure that students are able to wash their hands regularly without overcrowding in the bathrooms. 

We have also placed K3 Pro Photosensitive Distance Thermometers outside classrooms; students’ temperatures are recorded upon arrival to the classroom and it also done upon departure, at the end of the school day.

Child friendly COVID-19 signage has been placed around the Academy to help our students stay in their specific cohorts, reminding them the importance of frequent hand washing as well as the significance of social distancing and mask wearing.

The Academy has also introduced individual seating. Grade 1 – 8 students have an assigned lecture chair. This enables us to maintain social distance and avoid cross contamination in classrooms.