About Us

Our Motto

“Education is our passport to the future, for Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it Today”

Who We Are

Kilimani Junior Academy was founded in 1973 in Nairobi by the Late Mrs. Josephine Motion. The Academy has always remained a family managed business with the highest attention to detail and performance.

We offer Pre Primary from the age of two and a half for three (3) years, and then Primary education from Standard 1 to Standard 8.

Why Choose Kilimani Junior Academy?

Performance, Foundation, Discipline, Sports, Environment, Consistency

Our Core Values


Excellence is a standard to which every member of the community strives. Its not only measured.


We treat one another with courtesy and sensitivity , and we respect the diversity and traditions of our community.


We seek to provide an environment where the qualities of openness, honesty and truthfulness flourish.


We seek to develop an attitude of individual responsibility towards the quality of life in the school community.